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Sardinia, Italy


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Ceramic Brien

For over 30 years, Petra and Andreas Brien have been producing unique ceramic art on the island of Sardinia in Italy. Situated on a hillside overlooking the breathtaking limestone cliffs of the Tavolara, they are masters of the traditional Japanese production technique Raku. Find out more


What we offer

Workshops & Demos

Visit our workshop to gain insights into the skilled process of creating beautiful ceramic pieces from scratch. Due to the time and craftsmanship put into each production, even the smallest piece has its own individual character. In our modern times, things are often mass-produced, lack of quality and are easily available anywhere in the world. It is important to see the value in keeping traditional techniques and cherished artisanal handwork for future generations to enjoy. See what we have to offer.


Group WORKSHOP: Learn together with friends & family

Beginners Introduction: learn the basics

Advanced Technique: Develop your skill set

Raku Demonstration: how to create a piece from start to finish

Live-In Residency program




Porto San Paolo, Sardinia


Our workshop is also our home which we happily invite you to visit when you are in Sardinia. We are only a short drive from the city and airport of Olbia on the northeastern coast of this beautiful island. Enjoy our unobstructed view of the port and sea while you learn with us.